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IGN: snapsnapsnap12
By King Snap » 3 months ago

The Snap Cluedo Competition
What is it about?

The dead body of the player snapsnapsnap12 has been found at Sunset City. Who did it? We dont know… but, is there a way for him to be back and tell us? You have decided to perform a ritual.

How do I win?

The winner will be the most original ritual. I´m sure they are all crazy!

What if I win?
First Price: 200k                                                                                                                       Second Price: 1 AustinFRG key and 10k                                                                                                                                                 Third Price: 14 Wood Marker Tools and 50k

I decided I want to participate how do I do it?
Its really simple. To participate you have to create a power point, minecraft video, presentation, image, or whatever, and send it to my e-mail                                                    [email protected]
The last day will be the 3th of August. Winners will have their prices by the following day.

Anything else?
In case you are creating a mini-movie and you need me to act or you need my minecraft head or anything contact me! 
And also, my dead body is near Sunset City´s police station and clues about the murder will appear on the police station´s Staff Only room 
Competition Hosted by snapsnapsnap12.

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