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By King Snap » 5 months ago
Do you want to be part of the staff team? Do you need help? Well here I am to help you.
I got staff litterally like two days ago so trust me, I have very recent how it´s like to do an application. I think one of the basic things you need before you apply is to have spent a lot of time in the server previously, that way, you will feel more familiar and the questions will seem easier for you.
Another tip I would give is to be familiar with the comunity. That way your time on the server, as staff or as player will be much better. I´ve made a lot of friends in the last weeks and I´ve made my roleplay enemies. 
And my final tip is for you to enjoy what you do. Enjoy the time.
That is it, i think.
If you have any questions about anything, even if its something like how to craft a furnace. Put them in the comments!

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